The creative journey of an artist inspired by animals and life by the sea

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slowly but surely

I finally finished a long awaited commission of a cute Pomeranian for a wonderful woman who is disabled. She has had numerous back operations throughout her life and has also suffered two strokes. When I meet people like Francis, I realize how lucky I am to have another income and also to have my health and the ability to create art. I am thrilled to be able to share my art with people, though I am also frustrated when I can't do it as much as I would like right now. I am on vacation from Lowes for a few days and so happy to be a fulltime artist! I spent today checking out a new art gallery and hope to get a little more fishing in before I am back to my regular schedule. I caught a big flounder surf fishing the other day which I returned to the surf, I just didn't have the heart to keep him!