The creative journey of an artist inspired by animals and life by the sea

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Watercolor of Mia

This little cat is named "Mia" and she was really fun to paint in watercolor.  She was given by my dear Aunt Lorraine as a surprise birthday present and Katie was thrilled with the painting.  I have to say, this year is a little slower with commissions than last Christmas, but it is a welcome change.  It is a good time to enjoy the holidays and the spirit of the season without being rushed to complete paintings.  The weather has been wonderful and time outside is often a much needed healthy break from the drawing table.  I am looking forward to a creative New Year!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Best Life Possible

We often go about our day, especially this time of year, rushing around and thinking about the next task at hand.  I was on my way to mail a package this morning when I saw a truck pull out of a wooded area near my home.  As I drove past the spot, I saw what might be something in a bag.  I decided to turn around and go back.  I saw right away it was a small black dog covered by an old white towel.  It was left with a few pieces of bread near it's mouth.  Another car pulled up and a young man got out.  He was on his way to work, but he helped me pick the dog up and put him gently into my car.  The dog was shaking from shock, cold and very scared, but what struck me were his eyes.  He didn't make a sound.  He just kept his eyes on me while I quietly told him it would be ok.   I took him to the local vet and decided to have them x ray him, but we quickly discovered he had very serious injuries to his hind legs, spine and most likely internal bleeding with organ damage.  I waited with him for almost an hour watching his breathing, petting his head and looking into his eyes.   It was then I knew with tears in my eyes...I couldn't take him home.  I couldn't spend thousands of dollars to "fix" him.  I had to let him go.  I love my dogs with all my heart, but we are also given the responsibility to give them the best life possible.  I was able to give him "the best life possible" for a short time.