The creative journey of an artist inspired by animals and life by the sea

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting out of the Box

I recently met a fellow artist at a show and had a chance to discuss my art and how I felt I needed to get "out of my box" and do some experimenting.  I tend to stick with what I am most comfortable with and love painting detail, but lately I have felt the need to try something a little different.  I have wanted to paint a pair of mockingbirds in my yard, yet have been struggling with various ideas and compositions in my head.  I decided to tackle a large 22" x 30" aquaboard that has been staring at me all week.  It is in the scary stage right now, but I am having fun with the colors.  Hopefully, the result of my "out of the box" will be a success!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Computer is Winning

Lately I feel like I spend much more time on the computer marketing and promoting my work instead of creating it!  I have an artist friend Kimberly Santini that I have never personally met, but am in awe of her internet marketing skills and use of technology to promote her work.  I came across her wonderful paintings from an online art group I joined called the Canine Art Guild, and she has developed quite a following and has no shortage of commission work.  She has become my "idol" and has kindly offered me her marketing advice.   I didn't own a computer or cell phone till 2003, now I have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone that I can't live without!  So I find myself in a constant battle between my art table and the computer, with the computer winning lately!  I now have a business facebook page, a website I created and maintain and a blog.  I also recently tried etsy and now fineartamerica for selling my originals and prints.  I also maintain a gallery on Zazzle.  I have spent endless hours teaching myself how to link, copy, add photos, design pages and basically figure all this stuff out!  I love graphic design and am so proud of myself when I see what I have accomplished, but in the new mockingbird painting is singing to me!