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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As artists, we are often asked by friends and relatives to make use of our talents for gifts and surprises.  I am a little pooped from working the night shift at my "other" job at Lowes, but am trying to keep at it here this morning by posting the start of a little 11 x 14 pencil drawing I am doing for my Aunt Lorraine's 80th birthday.  She lives in Colorado and is my Dad's only sister.  She is such a special person and I am very close to her, especially since my father passed away in 2005.  I am so happy to surprise her with a little drawing of her when she attended a Penn State horse show, probably around 1949.  My cousins found it and have organized a semi-surprise "Kentucky Derby" theme party for her in April.  This is the start of it, I hope I can capture her face!  I never seem to have problems with getting the likeness of an animal, but people are always a huge challenge for me!

I find it really interesting how both my grandparents had horses, my grandmother spent all her time riding the train up and down the east coast following the horse racing circuit.  My Dad rode horses with my grandfather and my Aunt was obviously a better rider than she ever mentioned!  I really do think that horses are "in your blood".

I also have a Rottweiler portrait commission in the works which I will post shortly.  Tomorrow, I am meeting with an advertising rep from a local publication here to discuss some additional print advertising I may do to stimulate more commission work.  My goal is to be full time at the art again soon....just keep plugging! 

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