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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Time Out

Been a while since I have posted!  I took the dogs to the beach on my day off...the weather was beautiful! Socks loves going to the beach, but Ty is always the first in the water.  If I don't keep him on the leash, he would have no problem swimming out to sea!  The riptides are really strong in this area called "The Point" on Emerald Isle, NC.  
I finished my drawing of Aunt Lorraine and shipped it off for her 80th "Derby" themed party.  I wish I could have gone, but couldn't swing it.  She loved the drawing and now has it hanging over her fireplace.  I have another portrait commission in the works of a Rottweiler.  The client and I decided to portray the dog in different stages of his life in an oil montage.  She lost him a few years ago, so I have to rely on her photographs.  She did approve this layout, so I am planning on working all weekend on it. 
Besides that, I have decided to go part time at Lowes to allow me more time to paint and complete commission work.  It has been a tough decision because of the income and benefits, but my husband knows I always follow my heart and dreams.  I am hoping all my recent advertising efforts and gallery exposure will bring on more work.  The life of an artist is not an easy one!



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