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Monday, June 8, 2009


I am not a faithful "blogger", I guess I am easily distracted!  The latest are the baby sparrows all making the leap from the nesting box I have outside my art studio window.  They have been making such a racket encouraging each other to make their first flight into the real world of a bird.  I can't seem to stop watching them.  My biggest worry is my dog Ty gobbling one up if they happen to land near him!  He loves chasing birds out of the yard.

I finally completed my Rottweiler oil portrait and am waiting for the frame to arrive.  The client loved the painting and is patiently waiting to for it.  I have decided to stay working at Lowes fulltime for now, I can't manage giving up all the benefits these days with the economy.  So, on to the next painting of a Pomeranian.  I am happy to have commission work. 

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  1. You did an awesome job and it hangs in the place of honor next to the bed in my room!! Thank you Gail!!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas.
    I just saw this blog or I would have written you long ago!