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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Suli and Alex Watercolor is finished!


First stage with background and masking

I just completed this watercolor of an older dog named Suli and a 17 year old cat named Alex.  This painting is a good example of how I go about my watercolor portraits.  After taking close to 75 reference photos, I created my design on Crescent watercolor board and began by masking out the animals.  I don't always start this way, but in this case I wanted to work on the background first.  After showing the clients the painting, they did have a few minor changes.  The tail on Alex needed to be a little longer and the eyes on Suli needed to be "beadier" according to the owner...funny description!  I made the changes and I hope they are happy with the final result.
Adding detail to animals
Client wants tail longer on cat and eyes "beadier" on dog:)

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