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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not Your Average Goat

My recent painting commission of three Pygmy goats has been quite a challenge!  These three Pygmy Goats are not just your average goats.  They are the winners of the Pygmy Goat National Championship.  This buck, doe and wether are as close to "perfection" in the pygmy goat world as you can get.  So, suffice it to say I have been challenged to paint them perfectly and also please their owners!  Animals, like people, are complete individuals.  An ear or nose painted in the wrong way, can change the animal completely.  It was a fun project and I have learned so much about Pygmy Goats!  The finished watercolor painting image was 11" x 14".  The image is featured on the publication for the National Pygmy Goat Association.  Pictured are the Doe Burntwood Farms Annabelle Lee, the Buck Dream Catcher Little Wing and the Wether Rolling Meadows Eclipse.

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