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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Dog for Christmas

As Christmas nears, I am usually painting away till the last minute.  This year, I didn't take on too many painting commissions so I could be a little more relaxed during the holidays.  I just delivered this watercolor portrait of "Nelson" to a wonderful couple who have also become great friends.  This little guy seemed to be full of spunk when I first went to meet him, but his owners later learned he was in pain due to cancer and not really himself.  He had to be put to sleep only a month after I first saw him.  When I showed them the finished painting, they both commented that they could almost see just a touch of that pain by the look in his eyes.  They were both so happy with it and I loved doing it for them.  Now I am planning on painting a little something for myself, the possibilities are endless!  I will keep it a surprise till my next post.

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