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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fear and Doubt

I have been painting for over thirty years and still have so many fears and doubts when it comes to my artwork.  I think this comes hand in hand with being a perfectionist and of course wanting to make my clients happy.  I have cleaned off my table from my last painting,  ready to tackle this new one with a fresh perspective.  But, I am easily overwhelmed by just starting it!  Sometimes, the client will give me the option to pick the size or medium, that only adds to my racing artistic brain!  In this case, the clients are a young couple who had already had these two pets painted by someone who did a terrible job.  I didn't see the final results, but they were so unhappy and the artist refused any kind of refund.  I went to their house and took photos of these two old pets.  The poor little dog is loosing his teeth, the cat is  going blind and has definitely lost the "lustre" of his youth!  It is only more pressure to make them look the best I am able with paint and a brush.  Once I put the water on the board, I hope I can breath life into them...

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