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Sunday, August 18, 2013

First Stage of Suli and Alex

I have really become obsessed with following my favorite artists now that technology has allowed us to share with facebook, blogs, websites, youtube, and a host of other computer sites.  It has gotten in the way of my work at times and I am constantly trying to keep a balance.  But, I came to realize that artists and collectors love to see the progress of your art from start to finish.  I have written artist friends and discovered new materials and techniques that have enhanced my own art.

This is the beginning of my portrait of Suli and Alex...two very old pets.  I am working on my favorite Crescent Watercolor Board.  As you can see,  in this case I decided to "mask" out the animals and work on the background first.  I took about 80 photographs of the animals, but being indoors did not provide the natural light I well as the challenge of two other dogs and "I think" three other cats tagging along with me.

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