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Friday, August 15, 2014

Companions for Life

I just finished this large watercolor for a client in North Carolina of four horses dear to her heart.  Her request was to have them shown according to age.  Billy, a big handsome rescue Belgian is the "matriarch" of the group at age 25.  A retired Appaloosa show horse named Buddy is below him, still gorgeous at 22.  The handsome Bay Quarter horse is Willie who is 7, and finally Frankie at age 6.  It was a challenge but I am really happy with the painting.  I also decided to try some new watercolor paints called QoR produced by Golden.  They were advertised to have a stronger pigment, so I invested in about 28 colors.  I have been using the same Windsor and Newton watercolors for over 35 years, so it was a huge leap for me!  I really loved working with them.


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