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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sweltering for Art

I did my first little show since moving here to Florida yesterday.  It just so happens, that the weather pattern changed and what used to be tolerable mornings turned into a sweltering day with 100% humidity.  I don't usually do too many outdoor shows and don't have a tent, so they kindly put me under cover in the mall.  Needless to say, setting up in the sun, rain, heat and humidity took it's toll.  I looked like I had a run a marathon by 10:00!  Thankfully, a good friend came to visit and she bought me a $2.00 t-shirt to change into.  I was also really worried because the sun was beating on my display when I first arrived, but thank god it slowly moved into shade as the sun came up.  Watercolors can develop moisture quickly under the glass, and hours of work could be easily destroyed.

I did have a new client visit me who has commissioned a painting, and a few others inquired about portraits.  I think most people were there at the mall for the "Back to School" event and not really looking at art.  Such is the life of an artist!  You just never know, but you have to get yourself out there.

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