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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Free Again

I just shipped my latest painting off to Colorado, where it will hang in my Aunt and Uncle's home.  As my father's only sister, she wanted to commission me to do something with horses that she could have to pass on the to the family.  I was honored to do it and had so much fun painting my favorite subject and working in acrylics.  I also recently quit my day job as a bank teller to pursue my art full time again.  I have had so many jobs over the years to supplement my painting, but that job was as far from my true calling as an artist that you could get!  Though I was good at being a bank teller, I was often reluctant to tell customers I did art for fear of scaring them that a "flakey" artist might be handling their money!  I am "free again" to follow my heart as I had lately been feeling like multiple personality Sybil living between the art and banking world.  On to more horse and animal art and the freedom to be an artist!

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