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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Great Memories

I am in the midst of organizing and packing for a move to Vero Beach,  Florida and came across these old family photographs again.  We often have these great photographs, cards and mementos that we safely pack away, never having the time to enjoy them.  One photo is of my Grandfather Leo, an avid horseman during a time in Philadelphia when you could keep a horse right near your home and ride in Pennypack Park.  I'm sure that is how I got my passion for riding and horses.  I love the old polaroid photos of my I am dating myself!  One shows my Grandmother and Great Aunt with me all dressed up.  They immigrated here from Sweden as children with my Great Grandparents. I remember visiting her at her grandfather had passed away.  I ended up losing both my mother and her before the age of 10.  It is amazing how the brain remembers though.  The other polaroid shows me pondering my future life with horse and aluminum Christmas trees! What fun I had going through these this morning and so lucky to have them.  With all the recent tornados across the country, so many have lost these precious memories...

Grandpop Leo Dolphin
Ester Dolphin, Aunt Judy, and Gail
Gail the horsewoman

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